mens cuts

Gents Cut and Finish£27.0030 mins 
Gents Wet Cut£26.0030 mins


Great Lengths Hair Extensions POA£0.001hour 
Hair Extension Removal per Hour£60.001hour 

kids and minimum sat charge

Boys Cut and Finish 6-15 years£20.0030 mins 
Boys Wet Cut 6-15 Years£19.0030 mins 
Childs Cut£13.0020 mins 
Saturday Minimum Charge£16.0030 mins


milkshake direct colour Conditioning Treatment£10.0015 mins 
milkshake integity treatment£15.0015 mins 
Moroccan Oil Treatment£15.0015 mins 
Olaplex treatment £20.0030 mins 
kerasilk Keratin Treatment£170.002.5 hours


Long Hair Perming£71.001 hour 
Perming£67.0045 mins

Hair Up

Hair Up from£45.001hour

wedding Hair

Wedding Hair POA£0.001hour

Ladies Cuts

RestyleFrom £56.001 hour 
Cut and FinishFrom £47.0045 mins 
Ladies wet cutFrom £38.0030 mins 
Girls Cut and Finish 11-14 Years£32.0045 mins 
Girls Cut and Finish 6-10 Years£23.0030 mins

Ladies Finish

Permanent Straightening£90.0030 mins 
Blow Dry From £26.5030 mins 
Hair Extension Blow Dry£33.0045 mins 
Long Hair Blow Dry£30.0045 mins

Colour Services

personalised colour service price on applicationFrom  
Silk Lift Long Hair and all over colour£105.001hour 30 mins 
Long hair half head hilights£84.001 hour 
Silk Lift long hair half head hilights£85.001 hour 
single foils £5.005 mins 
Pure Pigments colour morphing£20.005 mins 
Pure Pigments upto 20 drops£10.005 mins 
Silk Lift Full head Long Hair £97.001 hour 30 mins 
Silk Lift Full Head £92.001 hour 30 mins 
Silk Lift Half Head £80.0045 mins 
Full Head Bleach Application£60.0045 mins 
Long Hair HiLights£90.001 hour 30 mins 
Full Head Hi-Lights£86.001 hour 30 mins 
Half Head HiLights£72.0045 mins 
Full Head Hilights and all over tint£98.001 hour 
Half Head Hilights and all over tint£84.0045 mins 
T Section£52.0030 mins 
Parting Foils£42.0030 mins 
All over colour With partial foils max 10 foils£72.0045 mins 
T Section And All over Colour£77.0045 mins 
Elumen Hair Colour£40.0030 mins 
Nectaya Ammonia Free Hair Colour£49.0030 mins 
Tinting£45.0030 mins 
Colorance cover Plus£42.0030 mins 
Semi Permanent Hair Colour£38.0030 mins 
Toner£20.0030 mins 
colour balancing£10.0015 mins 
Colour Remover£30.0030 mins
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